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DJ Javas started to play back in 1996, when he helped to create the atmosphere of the early house music scene in home-town Brno (CZ). Perform together with his brother DJ Koala and DJ Vik.

Then he became well-known among clubbers in the whole Czech Republic. In 1998, he met Iva Bittová, a famous world-music and ethno-music diva, and they started a fruitful partnership. Soon their liveacts, based on flexible house rhythms and Ivas magic voice, singing, mumbling, whispering reveal together unique layers of beauty within this special collaboration. Not to forget Hanka S, a saxophonist, that has as well played together with Javas on various events and parties and brought another flow of energy, making the dancefloor go wild.

With the first decade of 21st century, PE!Music was a Wien-based label, lead by Oscarsix and Natasza. Javas was releasing with PE!Music crew includes Asad Rizvi, Murray Richardson, DJ Freestyle, Tom Gillieron, Vernon & DaCosta, JR From Dallas, Edmund, Chris Quadrant, Martin Haberland and many other big personalities.

Javas has a stable position among Czech DJs to chasing around with deep or tech-house, nu-disco and even drum´n´bass sometimes. He has played in many local clubs (Roxy, Radost FX, Cross, U Bukanyra, Kabinet Múz, Fleda, Perpetuum, Blok 12 and more) or festivals (Creamfields, Machac, Hradhouse, Planet Love, Pohoda and more) in Czech and Slovak republic, and he has also appeared behind the decks in other countries, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Austria, Poland or Hungary.

You might have the chance to hear the tracks of Javas on the dancefloor where they belong. Javas release his tracks at Bassment Tapes, Vivacity Music, Seta Label, Deepwave Records, The Tea Bay, Solstice, Nightphunk Recordings, Dilematic Records, Harlem Station, Decibel NYC, PE!Music, 3am Recordings or Tropical Underground as well as his Bandcamp imprint. There is a co-operation with Brazilian DJ Marcelo K2 on Czech local scene occasionally.

Javas arrange delight on the electronic music scene in Central Europe and runs own vinyl label Umanuto Records.